Andrew + Shelby

When my brother and his girlfriend asked me to do a couples shoot with them while I was back in my hometown, of course I had to! They were so much fun to work with and it was so obvious that their relationship is built on laughter and just being goofy together. We joked that after the session we would have a solid 7 good photos (without somebody making a goofy face or having their eyes closed), and I think we got way more than that!

There may or may not have been some licking involved here...

How perfect is Andrew's shirt though!? Our parents brought it back from Hungary and if I had to pick a shirt to represent him, this would be it. I love it!

I will forever be in love with shooting during the golden hour. How gorgeous is this light!

After their session, I decided to have a little fun and put them on the spot to see how well they know each other. I asked them a couple fun questions about each other so let's see how they did!

Well, at least they got a couple right.. But how funny is it to see how different their answers about their first date are! Sorry to put y'all on the spot, but I had fun with it at least.